After a Personal Injury Occurs…

It can be tempting to want to handle everything on your own. While a commitment to independence is admirable in most circumstances, there are some days when you don’t have to do it all on your own – or when you really shouldn’t have to. One such circumstance is if you should find yourself suddenly injured due to the negligent actions of another party. If this should occur – then the person or party in the wrong is liable to provide compensation for the damages sustained. And those kinds of legal actions are, too, not things that you need to go through on your own.

A Franklin, Wisconsin personal injury attorney might say it is a good idea for you to seek legal counsel immediately due to the complications that these cases can inspire. After all, the term ‘personal injury’ in itself is an umbrella term that covers quite a lot of situations. Not only that but circumstances of this nature can also be combined with other cases, making the situation somewhat more complicated – and personal injury cases are rarely ever straightforward.

For example, say that a car accident happened and the injuries you sustained were enough for you to need surgery. This would mean that you are then rendered unable to perform your duties at work, meaning lost wages. A car accident can also be extremely traumatic and there is no monetary value that could ever pay up for that. But what if that car accident were due to unsafe premises? Or perhaps, the accident was caused by a defect that originated from manufacturing? It is because of these little unique aspects that are prevalent in every case that makes personal injury cases as difficult they are, due to the fact that there is no case that is the same as another.

It is incredibly stressful to have to deal with the aftermath of an accident or injury that causes such profound effects on someone’s life. That is why it more often recommended for there to be professional, expert help to be sought so that the victims are given access to resources that could better their path to recovery.

Child Custody: What’s at Stake

It goes without saying that separating from your then-significant other is a difficult process. The pair of you had thought that spending the rest of your lives together was what you wanted when it dissolved into something less than desirable, prompting a separation for the betterment of both parties. One of the most difficult aspects of having to deal with legal separations, however, are the ripples that it causes and all those who are affected by the waves – more specifically, if there is a child or children involved.

According to the website of BB Law Group PLLC, most cases often wish for both parents to remain an active participant in the child’s life. After all, the child remains innocent from fault for the separation but is still heavily affected by the ordeal. While the situation in most cases is that both parents are in some form of agreement, the welfare of the child or children involved is what must be taken into consideration. There are many legal options that you may not be aware of and there are some instances wherein both parties are not in agreement with the arrangement that the other proposes.

Child custody battles are often emotionally heavy and quite draining, due to the nature of the separation and everything else that goes with it, which is why it would be recommended for there to be professional, expert, legal aid from the get-go. The more complicated that a legal battle of this kind can go on, the more your rights as a parent may be discarded or unjustly enforced against you. A lot of the legal discrepancies that occur in circumstances like this often include the modification or enforcement of child custody and visitation rights.

If you or someone you know has to go through an ordeal of this kind, it is recommended that specialized help is brought in so that it can go as smoothly and as pain-free as possible, both for yourself and for the child.

Does the Employer/Employee Relationship Start at Pre-Employment?

You know the phrase ‘scratch my back; I’ll scratch yours’, right? If the employer/employee relationship needs to be reduced to a single phrase – then this would probably do the job well enough. An employer provides a means of an income for the employee while the employee works for the betterment of the company or business in general. That is why it of the utmost importance for both parties to treat each other with respect and only provide only the very best of treatments.

In the case of an accident, these kinds of loyalties are often tested. Accidents are prone to mean injuries that entitle the employee to benefits or allowed compensation packages so that he or she may recover from the accident. There are instances of negativity on either side, however. There have been employers who then try to prove that the employee was not a “proper” employee of the company, whilst there may be some employees who might try and take advantage of the company policy by faking an injury. The law protects those who rights need to be protected – and that is where the need for functional capacity screening sinks in.

Screening for pre-employment, ensuring that the employee is not only fit but also capable of the job, can save a lot of time and effort should the unfortunate circumstance of an accident ever occur. If such a situation should happen then corporations are bound by law to help the employee, especially if the injury was directly due to negligence of the actual employer. According to the website of the Des Moines workers’ compensation lawyers of the LaMarca Law Group, P.C., these situations or lawsuits involving workplace accidents can often even inspire business owners and employers to ensure their employees’ safety so that these instances can be better avoided altogether.

Fair treatment and camaraderie is necessary for any company to thrive and blossom. That is why a decent working relationship needs to be founded from the get go, from pre-employment and so forth.

What Can I Do After a Truck Accident?

The aftermath of a car accident can be devastating. Any motor vehicle in itself, to violently crash into another force is bound to create sustainable damage. A lot of car accidents in the United States are considerably tragic, with some even resulting into permanent disability or even death. Taking all of that into account, can you then imagine the kind of damage that an eighteen-wheeler truck could inflict upon impact?

Put it this way: your average car can weigh from around thirty to forty five hundred pounds at most; your average eighteen wheeler truck is around eighty thousand pounds at the very least. You’ve seen the movies – of these large bodies of metal and fuel rolling down crowded highways. This is one aspect of their storytelling that is, more often than not, more brutal than what they allow on the big screen. More than the physical devastation that this kind of accident brings, the kind of damage that accidents this severe could further turn for the worst — towards affecting many families, to the economy itself.

A professional license is required in order to operate such heavy machinery. There are acts and laws that prohibit a driver of an eighteen-wheeler truck from driving consequently for a number of hours, for example. Investigations towards these kinds of accidents can take a lot of time as well inflict a lot of stress towards those who were affected by the accident. Legal action may not always be the first thing that comes to mind, following an accident of this caliber.

It can soon become too late for victims if they fail to file for legally owed compensation in the allotted time. Medical expenses and procedures, as well the cost of possible disability as well as the loss of wages due to being unable to work whilst recovering from any injuries sustained due to a truck accident, are some of the possible financial consequences that victims are made to suffer due to these circumstances when they needn’t have to. Whether the fault is with the driver or the company or the manufacturer of the vehicle, justice needs to be served to those who have done wrong – for those who have been wronged.

The Laws That Protect You As An Employee

It has long since been the truth universally acknowledged for all people since history even began to be documented that all men and women must work the soil in order to bring forth bread that they may eat. Not literally, of course, but in this day and age – people need to work for not just what they want and what they need. There are some professions that opt to pay more due to the complications that the professions entail or due to the specialized nature of the job. Whatever is the case, every worker is protected by certain employment laws that protect them from unfair or possibly discriminatory deeds from their employers. Failure to abide by these laws is means for the wronged party to file for legal action.

One of the crimes against employment law that may occur, according to the website of the Melton Law Firm, is that of wrongful termination. This statute declares that both the employer and the employee work in their profession at will; the employee may leave from the service at whatever time that might suit them and the employer has grounds to terminate the employee from company grounds if there has been a breach of contract or agreement, or any other kind of misdeed. There are some possible discriminatory acts that could lead to an unfair or wrongful termination.

An account of wrongful termination – or for the position at the company to be threatened – by means of extortion for sexual favors falls under the protection of sexual harassment laws. According to the website of lawyers Cary Kane, this kind of agreement is called a ‘Quid Pro Quo’ or a condition wherein the employee’s position at the corporation is intimidated unless they perform a sexual act for the wrongful superior. These kinds of circumstances are viable grounds for the employee to press legal charges against the individual or the company at large.

There are many circumstances that could be considered as something that goes against employment law but there are certain minor discrepancies with the law, in accordance to the local state government. It is these circumstantial differences that could make or break the case, which makes it extremely important that if you – or if someone you know – has been wrongly treated at the workplace, it is highly recommended that the aid of a professional practitioner in this particular branch of the law is sought after, in order to know the best possible path to go about such a sensitive and highly controversial topic.