Dog Bite Accident Prevention

Dogs are some of the most common pets in the United States. This also means that Americans are prone to dog bites, whether the dog was their own or of somebody else. If the dog has injured somebody other than the owner, the incident may be a legal nightmare.

Those who have been injured because of dog bites may have legal options, especially if the dogs belong to someone else. This means that dog owners will not just have a bad reputation in the neighborhood, as they will also likely to give compensation to their dog’s victims.

But compensation for what, exactly? The website of these Milwaukee personal injury attorneys has expanded on that, saying that compensation may be acquired from the following damages:

  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent scarring and disfigurement

To avoid treatment and legal costs, it is best to avoid dog biting accidents altogether. Both the dog owner and the passerby should exert the effort.

Dog Owners

It can be argued that dog owners should exert more effort in preventing dog bite accidents compared to passersby. It is understandable, considering that they have the animals that can cause harm. It can be compared to car accidents, in the sense that car drivers should be the ones being careful to avoid hitting pedestrians.

The most basic thing a dog owner can do is to put the dog away from other people, or at least put it in a situation where it cannot go near people. This can be done by strict supervision. If the dog owner cannot supervise the dog, he or she can tether it to a spot where it cannot easily reach other people.


Let’s use the car accident analogy again. Car drivers should not be the only ones trying to prevent accidents, as pedestrians should also make sure that they are walking and crossing on proper places and avoiding reckless behaviors.

The same can be said for passersby when it comes to dog biting accidents. They should make the effort of walking on spots that the dog cannot reach. They should not provoke the dog that will make it react violently, such as trying to get its possessions.