The Alarming Danger of Hyland’s Teething Tablets

Homeopathic teething tablets are popular remedies chosen by parents to help soothe their teething babies. Priding themselves with products that are natural, safe, and holistic, the manufacturers of these products make use of a variety of different herbal ingredients to get their desired effect. For teething tablets, the leading manufacturer is a company called Hyland’s. Recently, the company has become embroiled in an FDA investigation that set out to uncover just how safe these tablets are to use for infants and small children.

As reported by CNN on October 13, the Food and Drug Administration released a statement through their website that strongly warned parents and caregivers from making use of Hyland’s homeopathic tablets and gels as solutions for infant teething problems. As outlined in the FDA report, the federal agency has begun investigating 10 cases of infant deaths that happened while the babies were known to have been taking the homeopathic pills. These findings build up on a previous 2010 investigation where the FDA found inconsistent amounts of belladonna or deadly nightshade in the tablets. About 400 other children were also found to have suffered symptoms of belladonna overdose after taking the Hyland’s tablets. These symptoms included vomiting, seizures, muscle weakness, and difficulty breathing.

Retailers carrying Hyland’s and other brands of teething tablets have already begun to pull the products off their shelves. Similarly, Hyland’s has issued a statement on their website, announcing that they will be discontinuing their line of teething tablets and gels. While Hyland’s and other manufacturers have gone ahead and took appropriate action to address the concerns regarding their teething tablets, it’s clear that the damage may already be too far gone. FDA reports show over 400 cases of children being severely impacted by these teething remedies. If your child has gotten seriously ill due to these products, do not hesitate to contact a Hyland’s teething tablet lawyer for more information.